Shameless Collection x Marie

Hey Babe,

I have been dreaming of this online boutique for quite some time. I cannot believe it is finally here. I've always been a fan of expressing our style any damn way we want. I take pride in never really caring what anyone thinks. If I love it and feel beautiful in it, then I'm going to rock it, shamelessly.


I encourage you to dig deep and find your inner shamelessness. Whether it be with fashion or your every day life. There is nothing more rare, or more beautiful than a women being shamelessly herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. That my loves, is the true essence of beauty. 

I have carefully picked these pieces for The Shameless Collection to help everyone of you feel confident and sexy in the skin you're in. I cannot wait to see you all rock these pieces.


Stay Tuned...


Oh and, may you always be shameless.